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Our Pre-K program consists of children aged 3 years to 4  years. This program helps develop independence, confidence, and self-motivation.

The Best Preschool in Houston
The Best Daycare & Preschool in Houston

Program Description

Your child will receive the environment, nourishment, safety, and resources they need as part of our All-Star Pre-K Program to keep their busy minds growing and learning. Pre-K provides a calm, lovely, and structured learning environment. We provide children with stimulating hands-on activities as they learn best with hands-on and multisensory materials. Our program allows your child to develop confidence and independence through activities and socializing. They also learn to respect their environment and others.


To actively engage children’s imagination through music, visual arts, movement and dance, and drama and physical activities.

The Best Preschool in Houston


Our staff takes pride in reading activities that help your child develop reading and listening skills, improving their literacy skills.

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Painting allows children to explore their creativity and develop a relaxing and colorful environment to allow brain stimulation

The Best Preschool in Houston

Play Time

Playtime gives provides your child with the freedom to imagine and have fun while socializing with their peers to help develop social skills.

Where Learning is Fun

Our core value is nurturing children’s social/emotional abilities all while building their cognitive development.
The Best Preschool in Houston

Physical - Cognitive - Creative

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Our Programs

The Best Preschool in Houston


(6 weeks – 17months) $235.00
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(18months – 36months ) $210.00
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(3years – 5years)


The Best Preschool in Houston

After Schoolers

(6 years – up)


Registration $100 Per Family